RPCS3 Fatal Error with Heavenly Sword
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(10-08-2020, 02:34 PM)jjw410 Wrote:
(10-05-2020, 09:50 AM)nalfy87 Wrote:
(10-04-2020, 04:51 PM)jjw410 Wrote: I've also been having this game-breaking error, consistently, with Vulkan and default settings. When the screen goes to white the emulator will always lock up and I will have to close it manually, it doesn't even give compressed log file afterwards. Although I have compressed the log.txt (I'm assuming it's essentially the same thing). This recording a log actually use the ASMJIT Decoder (for some reason the was my default), I did try it with others however and it just changed performance, the crash still occurs.

Exactly the same as me. Also, I have used all the right settings including Vulkan. I am using a system with an I9 10900K and a RTX 3080.

Okay, so it looks like this related to the VRAM-leakage problem that has been reportedly fixed. The put the log through the discord bot and it gave me back this.


I ran through the area again with the resolution set to default, VRAM usage idled at about 2Gb just in the menus, once I got to the white screen transition it spiked up to 3.6GBs and then crashed again. I'm not a programmer but I'm pretty sure it ain't supposed to do that. I think this is the VRAM issue that was supposedly fixed? I run a 970 with 4GB but if you have a 3080 then I don't see why your actual VRAM amount would be an issue :/

EDIT: I just tried it one more time at the default resolution and 30fps (Vblank = 60Hz) and I still had the VRAM spike up but it didn't crash. So at this point, I'm confused. I guess this is the memory leak issue? Usually, if the VRAM gets overwhelmed a game should just stutter before it can recover again before crashing, right? But even at that I don't know why this would use up so much VRAM in any case.

I see. Well, there has been a couple of driver updates since the release of the 3080 so I will re-install and check whether this has helped. I will try different variables too. You would have thought 10GB of VRAM would be enough.

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