sebasticdeDemon's souls running better when it is at the background?
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06-14-2020, 11:26 PM -
(06-01-2020, 01:46 AM)sebasticde Wrote: I am trying to emulate Demon's souls (Vulkan) and it runs perfectly as long as I keep it in windowed mode with something else in front of rpcs3 window. When rpcs3 is running in full-screen mode or if I click the window, a lot of stuttering and fps drops happen.
I have never seen anything like that before, someone know if it can be fixed? I tried enabling V-sync ( from Nvidia control panel and rpcs3) and it does not solve the problem.
I am having the exact same issue. It is really stuttering for me in the foreground, but runs fine when my focus is on a fore ground window. Perhaps this a windows 10 issue? any ideas on fixes?

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