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Hi there!: new on this forum and interested on emulating old games in general.
I´m one of those who owned an Amiga.... Even a ZX81 before of that.
Then entered the PCs with a pentium 100, 3DFX, etc.... You know....

So: with most of the industry efforts put in the laptop sector and the continued optimization of the emulator, maybe it´s time again to ask if the new  Ice Lake laptops coming at the end of the year will be able to run the emulator.
Maybe the new mobile Ryzen2 in the 2020 will be a safer bet?.....
I´m now almost a laptop user and searching for an upgrade.
I mean a bare Ice Lake with the "new" integrated Iris Pro GPU.
And yes, I´ve read all that stuff about how interesting is to own a hi Mhz CPU, but I´m sure the optimization should fix that with the time. I´m not trying to game at 4K, etc. (Just to try the emulator and see the evolution).

It would be great to extend the RPCS3 users base as much as posible, and I have read that Intel graphics have problems suporting Vulkan. And it´s a shame becouse it seems that graphic power is not he bottleneck of the emulator, and so, the integrated GPUs should be enough.

So: where are we now with this emulator version?. Are we forced to own a dedicated graphic card by now?

Thanks! Big Grin

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