I would like to be removed from your Forum Please
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Sad I ask a simple question on the support section about an issue I had, I feel that I being totally ignored for past few days now, I thought I would get an answer but still I dont get no reply or any kind help or any kind feedback or anything reply at all

what the point of joining a forum if no one want to help those are in need, I feel that its was big waste of my time coming here and join this forum if I can't get no help.  I did explain that Im new to forum and new how to use this emulator, and still no word of reply
I would like to be banned or deleted or removed of this forum pretty please and remove me as soon as possible

Thank you for your patient and the time, but this old man is not happy with the support of the forum

future references please take the time for those that do need help and Educate them how get things done right and not ignored them  Sad

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I would like to be removed from your Forum Please - by oldgamer - 09-24-2019, 08:38 PM

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