Kosmo零What the reason for 6 FPS in "that Atlus game" with ~60% CPU & ~34% GPU utilization?
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(08-06-2019, 11:02 AM)Kosmo零 Wrote: Hello. I use i7 880 and Radeon HD 5750. I have around 6 FPS in "that Atlus game" that we should not mention. I don't understand why, since my CPU loaded at 60% and GPU at 34%. Is there any reason for emu do not use full available resources?

Isn't the 880 a 1st gen CPU? I thought I was the only person on the planet who still had one of those. That hardware is old and I don't think RPCS3 fully supports it.

I can hardly run the newer versions on my 1st gen but I did get good results on versions prior to April using LLVM. I have a GTX1050TI  and my fps on "that atlus game" is 17-22 fps. I wouldn't expect more from an old CPU. And remember to use versions released prior to April.

I will be upgrading next year.

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