Demon's Souls Black Screen at boot up
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08-21-2018, 08:59 PM -
I've tried about everything I could in the settings, i changed decoders, renderers, and even other versions of RPCS3. Also, Write Color Buffers was on all the time. It usually gets stuck at "Compiling Shaders" with OpenGL, and with LLVM it just straight up doesn't boot up. I got it to work one time but it crashed while Compiling Shaders in the autosave feature screen, and another time where it crashed in the screen while showing "Sony Computer Entertainment". The most consistent error I managed to get was with Vulkan and Decompiler at Interpreter (Fast), where it doesn't depend on the other settings, it'll just boot up, go up to 29.7 fps and crash. The logs are from the black screen error, I didn't save the logs of when the game actually started up.

Intel Pentium G4560
GT 1030

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