nashismoIs shader caching "Really" necessary? Xenia does not use this!
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06-29-2018, 09:12 AM -
So yeah, that is my question.

Here is the thing, I have a very good PC an i7 6700 and I have no problems regarding speed, but most games are nearly imposible to play because of shader caching. Games like Yakuza 3 stutters so bad that it ends up freezing for like 5 minutes, then the game continues.

It is really a terrible thing to use shader caching, because it gives you such a suttering mess, that no matter how good speed you have, you will NEVER have smooth gameplay, I mean whats the point?

And here is the thing, Xenia, a very good emulator for the 360 DOES NOT use any shader cache feature! When games play, they play! Like they are supposed to!

In Dolphin emu, shader caching was fixed, on Cemu shader caching is somehow alleviated by sharing shader caches, but RPCS3 has no solution for this, none!

I guess my question really is, again, is it REALLY necessary to use shader caching? Why?

If anyone knows, please share the info, cheers and thank you guys, you are a great community here.

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