TapperWhy does RPCS3 change folder names for data when moved to different HDD?
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Please note: I am not complaining, I love this emulator and think it's incredible. I just want to understand something that seems odd to me, and maybe suggest a change for the future.

So, I needed to move my RPCS3 setup to a different hard drive for space reasons.

I noticed games were having start from scratch recompiling shaders etc. So, I looked at the data folders, and realized RPCS3 creates brand new "random" named folders for all that if you move your setup to another drive.

For example...

Old drive:

New drive:

The PPU folder and files are the same, but the shader folder gets these weird random names. Oddly though, the actual shader cache files are the same, so I was able to manually copy the 5224df181bb4c2022934bd3f-EBOOT.BIN shader cache to dc577cad182e218416b63119-EBOOT.BIN. But it takes time, because you have to first run the game to generate the random folder, then you can manually move files etc.

Why does RCPS3 do this? It makes moving to a different drive very cumbersome if you want to avoid recreating shader cache, which on some games (like Silent Hill Downpour) takes a lot of time.

Thanks for any explanation. If at all possible, I think it would be great if RPCS3 could change this behavior since these odd folder names don't appear to reflect any change to the data they actually hold.
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Why does RPCS3 change folder names for data when moved to different HDD? - by Tapper - 06-16-2018, 10:49 PM

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