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Sad  06-12-2018, 12:47 AM -
Kingdom hearts is no longer playable for a while in the latest builds but it still is in playable state
If I use rpcs3 0.0.4 I could pass the first cinematic but I have a big problem in all rpcs3 versions and builds and in all version of kingdom hearts include 1,2 ,chain of ...
and that's a black bar under cinematic
I tried opengl vulkan and i tried even on fedora linux but 
[Image: 8znm_capture2222.png]
I know that this game has 2 or 3 cinematics in each version and has more important bugs to fix on latest version that make the game unplayable
but I think this bug isn't a big one and it is a question for me why youtube videos of this game on rpcs3 don't have this problem but I have.
my rig is a msi gtx 1070 and 16gb ram and core i7 7700k

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