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Ok, I made the PS3_GAME folder and placed the PS3_DISC.sfb in the folder but I'm still getting the error. The game .iso files are in dev_hdd0/disc/BLUS30160.

Inside the BLUS30160 folder, there is .png files, a PARAM.SFO, and all of the game files are in a folder called USRDIR. Should all of the game files be in the BLUS30160 folder, or the PS3_GAME folder?

What should the directory look like?


Okay, so I went to Manage > Virtual File System and added the game directory there, and it booted but it never actually launched and I got all kinds of errors.

Here is the log.

What in the heck is happening?

*EDIT 2*

Okay, now it's doing this:

E LDR: Invalid or unsupported file format: D:/PS3_GAME/USRDIR/EBOOT.BIN

S LDR: Boot successful.


Ok so I just re-extracted the iso to the game folder and now it's working.

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