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So this is my first attempt at PS3 emulating.

I ripped my SoulCalibur IV disc using PowerISO, I followed the directions step-by-step in the quickstart guide. Installed the firmware, found the correct IRD for the game, validated the patched ISO, everything was fine, no errors.

I put it in the correct directory. When I go boot the game I get this:

S LDR: Boot successful.

E LDR: Failed to mount disc directory for the disc game BLUS30160

My final decrypted ISO went to my downloads folder and I moved it into the disc folder of the PS3 emulator. It left a PS3_DISC.sfb in my downloads folder, and I'm not sure where it goes. Is this the problem?

I tried placing it in the game ISO folder, but when I do, the game disappears from the games list.

Also my bluray drive is HITACHI/LG BH40N. It's not in the compatible list, but ripping the disc went fine and there were no errors according to the PS3 ISO Rebuilder tool.
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