PixEldKingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix black screen after opening
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(06-06-2018, 02:27 PM)varxtis Wrote: So, last night I posted about a solution, renaming the OPN.PAM file, and then good to go...
I guess I should have played more than 5 mins of the game before posting it, cause ya, it freezes once you Choose what you want to keep, and what you want to disgard (Sword, Shield, and Staff on pedestals). It freezes just after the Pedestals begin to sink into the platform your on.
Sorry about my previous post, if Mods post it.

I have tried your solution and I also got stuck in that selection area. I manage to get through that level by using the solution I found here: https://forums.rpcs3.net/thread-180504-page-6.html

Basically, all you need to do is uncheck "use GPU texture scaling" in your GPU settings and it will work! I hope this will fix your problem too.

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