SSKOSkate 3 Lag & "Slow-Motion"
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(04-21-2018, 10:09 AM)SSKO Wrote: I tried playing Skate 3 on RPCS3 recently but for whatever reason the game seems to be running at around 7FPS and dropping to 1FPS here and there. However after moving around my frame rate spikes back up to 17FPS-30FPS but appears to run almost like it's in slow motion? Any ideas?  :/

*Specs: I5 650 / GTX 760 2GB / 8GB DDR3 RAM *
*(Log has been added and Images too / .rar )*

Hey man i had a similar issue. Skate 3 ran in slow motion when running an average 30-60 fps. Disabling "lower spu thread priority" Under advanced options in the cpu tab fixed the issue for me. It probably wont help with your Frame rate as it didn't help mine. But, It brought the game to 100% speed. Its always good to try different settings to figure out what works for you. I looked around for an answer and couldn't find one so I hope this helps anybody in need. 
My specs are:
Cpu: i5 6600k
Gpu: 1080 ftw
Ram: 32 gb Ddr4 @3000mhz
Os:Windows 10

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