FearInduced"Hacked" Vs. "Official Master" builds
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You've said not to report game results when using a "Hacked" or "WIP" build. So where's the "Official Master Builds" builds? I'm not seeing where the official builds are or where it even tells me they are. Because all I see in the download tab is the download to the latest build, which I believe is the "Hacked" builds list. Are those the "Hacked" builds or the "Official Master" builds? For example, I've got build "v0.0.4-7051 (662fe8c)" from the Download tab of the RPCS3 website, as of now... is that a "Hacked" or "Official" build? I want to report results for a game, but I don't even know if I'm using a hacked or official build yet.
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