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(11-14-2017, 06:16 PM)artins90 Wrote: Hi everyone.

I have noticed that after using RPCS3 my Xbox One controller, connected via usb, vibrates randomly even after closing the emulator and with no other games running while idling on the desktop. The vibration lasts 2-3 seconds and repeats at random intervals.
Disconnecting and reconnecting the usb cable fixes the issue.

Today I found out that this potential bug affects the other games I launch after closing the emulator.
I played some Katamari forever with the rumble on, then I closed RPCS3 and I launched Battle Chasers Nightwar. I noticed that when I attacked in Nightwar my controller wasn't vibrating. I closed the game, reconnected the controller and then relaunched the game to fix the issue.

I thought you might want to know about it, feel free to delete this thread otherwise.

Hi, i have a similar problem. I'm playing Demon's Souls with the RPCS3. Just as artins90 describes, my XBone controller vibrates randomly after using RPCS3 until i unplug it, even if RPCS3 is closed for several hours already. But i also have no proper rumble at all while playing Demon's Souls. There are random vibrations every once in a while, but it's never related to the situation in the game.

Update: I kinda fixed it by turning off the vibrations in the ingame settings. Now there is no rumble both ingame and after playing. I've heard that there is no problem when using a DS4 controller. Is it a strange bug or are there known issues using an xbone controller with the RPCS3 in general?
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