Any real difference between i5 and i7? For RPCS3
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(11-11-2017, 06:22 PM)BurningSky Wrote: Cheaper 8th gen chipsets are expected to launch Q1‘18.

I did a quick check in my country and the cheapest x370 mainboards(the „high end“ overclocker chipset) start at 100-130€(120-150$ I don‘t know exactly).

If your budget is really that limited then maybe check out the ryzen 5 6core/12thread cpus.

They don‘t score that high in high end gaming(gtx 1070-1080/vega range) or very old games that use only 1 core(exception is bethesda with fallout and elder scrolls, those are newer but still only really use 1 core) but you get more bang for your buck.

Ryzen 5 1600 costs around 200€/233$ + a b350 mainboard 60-80€/80-100$ where I live that cpu has 6c/12t like the i7 8700.

As I mentioned it is slower than the i7 but if you desire it you can overclock it at any time since those are not locked. 

Check some Benchmarks for that since Ryzen is a good option too(and they run much cooler that stock intel processors).

Sadly here in Chile, the AMD cpu's are not any cheaper than Intel CPU's. It used to be like that back 2009 or so, now it ain't like that anymore. If that was the case and I could get Ryzen cheaper, I definetely would, but price wise it doesn't make much sense.

Thanks though, and thanks for the feedback! The cofee lake CPU's are really something to look forward my opinion though. Thanks to AMD we are seeing more cores on Intel's part!

Cheers man!
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