Final Fantasy XIII-2 [NPUB31083]
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This game is so far playable for me on v0022-13648. It does exactly what @swagford1780 described, however this can be bypassed by either boosting PPU accuracy, or using PPU interpreter(much slower), as per here:

Namely I kept LLVM and enabled "accurate PPU saturation bit" and "PPU vector NaN fixup" in advanced->core, + "accurate PPU 128 reservations" to "always enabled" in debug tab.
EDIT: I also enabled "accu. cache line stores" in debug.

With these, I passed mentioned section and continued bit further, there were no problems and FPS was capped to 30 most of the time. I did not bother increasing SPU accuracy and neither accu. RSX reserv. was needed. Longer playtime is needed to confirm playable status but look fine to me so far.
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