Guidelines for submitting reports for Commercial PS3 Games
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Guidelines for submitting commercial game reports:
  • First, check if there's an existent thread for the game ID you want to post about.
      If yes, you must post in that thread.
      If not, create a new thread.
  • If you're creating a new thread: for thread title write the name of the game and the Title ID in square brackets, in the following format: "Name of the game [ABCD12345]".
    Do not write the game's name in CAPS LOCK and do not include special symbols (symbols that can't be found on the average keyboard like ™).
  • You must include the full RPCS3 version identifier on your post. The part that it must absolutely contain is the commit (8 character identifier of the build), highlighted below.
    For example: "RPCS3 v0.0.22-13733-9bb7e8d6 Alpha", "rpcs3-v0.0.22-13733-9bb7e8d6_win64", or "rpcs3-v0.0.22-13733-9bb7e8d6_linux64.AppImage".
  • You must include the RPCS3.log file - "RPCS3.log" in your post. It can be found in the same folder as the RPCS3 is being ran in. Also include the log file, if reporting a change in the status of the game. You can either add it as attachment by compressing it into a .7z OR .gz file.
    Do not copy paste output from the emulator's log window as that's NOT the log file, just a short log.

  • Hacked or work in progress builds are not allowed if you want to submit a report. Only post results with the latest official master build.
  • Using emulator game patches is not allowed for compatibility reports. Games must work as intended without any patches.
  • Using any of the following settings is not allowed for compatibility reports:
    - CPU: SPU Block Size: Giga
    - CPU: SPU XFloat Accuracy: Relaxed
    - GPU: Shader Mode: Shader Interpreter only
    - Advanced: Debug Console Mode: ON
    - Advanced: Disable On-Disk Shader Cache: ON
    - Advanced: VBlank Rate: Non 60Hz value
    - Advanced: Clocks Scale: Non 100% value
    - Any setting in the Debug tab
  • If the game shows something relevant (other than a black screen) screenshots where the whole RPCS3 game window is visible or a video are mandatory.
    When reporting a status update to Playable, you must include a minimum of 3 screenshots. For other statuses, 1 screenshot is the minimum, but you can upload more.

  • If firmware libraries are manually loaded, state the names of the modules by their filename as it appears on the emulator. Also include what firmware version the modules are from.
  • If there are some special/relevant remarks, mention them. For example: manual .EDAT file decryption, something weird/interesting happens, requires files to be moved, certain settings, worked on a previous version of the emulator, etc.
  • If possible, also test with both rendering backends (Vulkan and OpenGL), as one may work better than the other.
  • Keep in mind the forum rules while making a game report.
  • Game report threads are for game reports. Posts saying something doesn't work as expected without containing at least the log file and some basic information on what is the issue won't be approved, as it just adds noise to the threads.

For determining the game status:
  • Playable: Games that can be played from start to finish with playable performance and no game breaking glitches.
  • Ingame: The emulator can go past the main menu, and you can actually "play" it, but glitches and random crashes, or even low performance, make it impossible to reasonably finish the game. You need to be able to move/start progressing into the game after getting in-game and the game must not crash within a few seconds.
  • Intro: The game shows the intro images/videos correctly or even reaches the main menu, nothing else.
  • Loadable: The game boots but displays nothing more than a black screen with a FPS counter.
  • Nothing: The game doesn't boot at all, not displaying an initial black screen with a FPS counter.

Please keep in mind that piracy is not allowed and asking help with piracy, requesting pirated firmware files or games may result in a permanent suspension.
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