Spider-Man: Edge of Time [BLUS30760]
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I wanted to throw in my results with this game, the issue Deminating described seems to apply to me as well. Switching to the Interpreter makes the game work as opposed to LLVM which causes it to freeze after a little while. Performance is iffy, dropping to 10FPS in some areas, but it does run. Unlike Deminating though, I have a 6700K, so my performance won't be as good.

I also have another issue; the game runs great the first time, but after that it locks up almost immediately after the game is launched, on the screen that tells you "This game has an autosave function" and all that. I figured out it's got to do with the trophy cache; if I delete the trophy cache after playing the game, it'll launch fine again, but I have to delete that folder after it gets generated after each time I play the game.

I'll include info from a launch where the trophy-related freeze happened below (and the log file of course):

RPCS3 v0.0.6-8482-7fda07eb Alpha
Firmware v4.84
OS: Win10 x64
CPU: Intel i7-6700K
GPU: Nvidia GTX 1080

The trophies folder that causes the issue is found at the directory below:

Deleting that folder lets the game launch again like normal.


I did find a workaround that lets you not have to mess with deleting the trophy folder every time, as long as you're willing to lose the trophies feature. This workaround sets the trophies directory to point to NUL (ie it says "this folder goes nowhere").
Open an Administrative Command Prompt and go to
(or wherever your trophies folder is usually located).
Delete the "trophy" folder in that folder, then enter the following command in the command prompt:
mklink /D trophy NUL

I haven't tested the fix extensively, but it seems to work with no other issues.


Bug has been fixed, leaving the workaround up for historical reasons/in case it helps another issue somewhere.
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