Spider-Man: Edge of Time [BLUS30760]
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(12-29-2018, 06:21 PM)Asinine Wrote: The error you posted isn't a crash it's unrelated, you probably just had RPCS3 hang without writing an error to the log. Also while his video does have audio issues it only appears for a very brief period of time. And ruipin's audio work will probably fix that soon. No crashes were reported in the playable test so it got moved to playable, I will see if I can get MasterTurkey to test this again.

Well, the game hangs yes, audio (music only, and spiderman finishes his dialog if he's talking) goes further but that's it, after hanging there for like 5 seconds it gives the semaphore timeout. Tried to play with the game a lot of times but always hangs after a short time. Not reaching the gametime he had in the video.
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