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Maybe i should talk about my experience. With powerful hardware (I have an i9-12900KF) the game stays above 30 FPS almost all the time. Exceptions are certain areas of Blighttown where the FPS drops to 20-25 (most of Blighttown stays above 30 FPS however). The game crashes rather frequently, in some areas more than others. I've had the most frequent crashes in the area around the Four Kings, making attempts on the Four Kings rather tedious. Often the crash will be right when landing in the Abyss, and it is possible (but rare) to get a crash twice in a row. These crashes can seemingly not be ameliorated (increasing driver wake-up delay does not seem to help). Enabling the 60 FPS patch causes a consistent crash when going towards Ceaseless Discharge but otherwise does not seem to cause problems (disabling it did not help with the crashes around the Four Kings).
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