Dark Souls [BLUS30782]
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(06-03-2020, 11:26 PM)Diaspater Wrote: I haven't played through the entire game to verify complete integrity, but the game seems to be playable with obvious temperary visual glitches (i.e. textures disapearing for less then a second, noticable but playble). I used the demon souls custom configuration settings, vulkan gpu with write color buffers enabled. I played all the way through the tutorial area, picked up items, killed the boss, and triggered the cutscene to leave. I addition I was able to level up. Based on  my experience, I would assume the rest of the game is playable if visually glitchy.

Used the same setting you mentioned aside from a few PC specific settings, and the game runs relatively well, aside from the extremely frequent frame drops. It seems to me it might have something to do with the amount of entities in view. While I was playing, I noticed I was getting a relatively consistent 60 FPS when looking at a relatively empty area, but the second I turn towards more than 2 enemies/items/props, the frames tank to about 5-10 FPS. the game is still playable, and I managed to beat the tutorial boss first try, but it was very painful to play. I played all the way up and a little bit into Undead Burg with barely any issues other than the framerate drops and the textures taking a couple seconds to load in after a cutscene or new area. seems like its not too far away from being playable, so I'm going to try messing with some stuff in order to get rid of those nasty framerates.

TL;DR game runs decently, but is barely playable due to sub 20 FPS when more than 2 things are on screen

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