Few thoughts on RPCS3
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I'm no mod or anything, but since this thread was made, I wanna leave some recommendations here:

- Some kinda template on how to report issues on github (and whats isn't need any reporting (like every "error" with TODO))
- Well this would be a pain in the a** to do, but what about a "Nothing" category in the current comp. list in the forum, move every decent threads from General Discussion to there (so General Discussion would be much cleaner [maybe]), and also make threads for games that aren't reported yet stating "DOESN'T WORK YET" in the biggest font size as first post (and this would be a pain to do because theres like 1 mod only)
- Provide a list for braindead people, that which modules should be never LLE'd since they wouldn't work.


- Yeah, a nicer website would be nice, and wouldn't be hard to make, there are a lot of different CMS available, for example Joomla, so we would only need an unique theme
- Some kinda compatibility list would be nice, I suggest hosting a Wiki on the website with MediaWiki, or find something that would work with a CMS (if we would use one for the new site) so it would be easy to make it (and make it similiar for Dolphin\PCSX2, so every game would have its recommended settings posted, and some test cases, free wiki sites suck tho, once i've tried making a comp. list (while learning how to do stuff in mediawiki, but the editor is a mess, and there are tons of crap ads everywhere, so i gave up))
- Well people who want to help the emulator to grow\get fixed are already posting stuff on github and here on the forum, the remaining people are either braindead or has "meh rpcs3 is shit it can't run anything good" mentality.
- A discord server would be nice, but then im sure we would need more mods. (and inb4 "WHY XYZ GAME DOESNT WORK? THIS EMULATOR SUCKZ!!!!!!!" kinda spam)
- What would you want to announce since theres barely any visible development (aside from RSX\Renderer fixes) ?
- I would vote for purging the Automatic RPCS3 builds thread, and either make 1 post stating "You can get the latest RPCS3 build from here: https://ci.appveyor.com/project/rpcs3/rp.../artifacts " or just make the whole thread instantly redirect to appveyor when someone clicks on it (so basically the thread name itself is a link), because now, the whole thread is a spam fest, people without brains are posting issues there.
- I think if theres a regression, then wait for 1 or 2 weeks (for fix) and then move it to its current category (so if a game is in Intro but regresses and doesn't work anymore, move it to Loadable)

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