Few thoughts on RPCS3
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The games area right now is there pretty much just to keep track on games' statuses and sometimes spot a bug that can be reported and easily fixed.

Log files are useful to have for someone who either wants to test the same game, compare the results and/or help the person who posted it go further in the emulation by enabling/disabling libraries.

For developers it's useful if they want to implement something and they want to know what games use that or why a certain game isn't reaching further in its emulation. However, that would require some kind of indexing, which would be possible to do if we had a game compatibility list where the logs could be uploaded and properly parsed. There was an excel document with games / unimplemented functions somewhere but it's pretty outdated.

Stack traces are mostly needed when the emulator actually crashes (it asks for stack traces along the report), which doesn't happen in a lot of cases, but commonly it's possible to tell why a game is stuck by the log. If not sure, I do believe devs may test the game themselves (see: Resogun).

It's not that easy to tell right now when should a bug report be filed on GitHub, mainly for less experienced users.
Basically: stuff that is already implemented and is meant to work properly but it isn't / regressions. That would include graphical discrepancies (ex: wrong colors, graphical glitches) on games that aren't utterly broken.

Ideally, yes, but although one game has several variants and they usually behave the same, it's not always the case as technically they're not the same, whereas one may work and the other may not. I found this happening to me in the Rub a Duck games I think. And in a structured game list, games would be either sorted by Game ID and/or Title.

I've been wanting to update the newcomers' guide, will probably do soon. I'm not part of the administration, you'd have to talk to shadow or nick but if you see something wrong feel free to report it.

An area for Non-working games would be a good idea. Usually, currently those may be posted in Commercial Games - General Discussion.
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