Few thoughts on RPCS3
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Incoming wall of text:

Something I have been thinking about. What exactly is useful testing? Just a log file doesn't always say much, ideally a developer would need a full stack trace and perhaps more information to tell why a game crashes. This disorganized mess we have now is pretty much only useful for tracking changes to how certain games run, nothing more really.

And when should a proper bug report be filed on Github? When any particular errors occur? Is "this game runs but looks supremely broken" with a renderdoc trace actually a useful bug report, or just more noise since everyone involved already knows pretty much nothing works?

Do we really need like 4 different threads for the same game just because they have different ID's even though they run identically with the same issues?

Is anyone except Annie here even actively moderating this forum? Right now some threads are in the wrong category, and some of the pinned threads could probably need some updating (for instance the newcomers guide should mention that certain LLE modules are pretty much always safe to use and needed, and the very first sentence above everything else should be no no no you can't play a single good game yet). If anyone here trusts me I volunteer to do some basic moderation, like editing posts and moving threads.

One more thing, maybe we should actually make topics, or at least keep a list of games that have been tested but are not even loadable. We occasionally get people wondering if anyone has tried AAA game X and of course people have, but there is nothing on the forum about it. I did that with Persona 5 here and that thread got a lot of views in quite the short amount of time. (And someone had already asked if it was working in the support subforum).

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