The emulator won't run on my CPU
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03-17-2016, 11:33 AM -
Hello, first of all thanks for the forums and, if any developers get to read this, thank you for your work, you people are awesome working in this things and gifting us users with this applications that you make purely out of passion/hobby/altruism. It is incredible and It is so much appreciated, sincerely.

I registered because I wanted to try the new emulator in developement, as I've seen it's improving so fast and wanted to take a look and see where it is now and also if I could, report bugs/successful runs of games or apps somewhere and help as little as I can to de developement.

However, I tried to run the emulator and it said that it won't run because my CPU (phenom ii x6) doesn't support an especific set of instructions (I recall them being SSSE3 and SSE4.1).

I figured that it happens because the emulator relies on those sets to work, and I accept that and also kind of understand it as far as my knowledge goes, but then again I find it odd that I can run almost any new game or app that comes out, and also all the other emulators that I've tried (even Dolphin, PCSX2, etc) don't have any issue with my somewhat legacy CPU lol.

So, this is not me asking for someone to make it compatible with CPU's that don't have those instructions (though i'm not going to lie, that would make me SO happy Big Grin) but it's just me reporting this "issue" and asking (more like opening a debate?) why it can't run without this sets, when advanced emulators like Dolphin do. (I do realize PS3 is way more complicated to emulate, but then again... Just wondering, not really complaining)
I wonder if it could "detect" when the user have a newer CPU and benefit from those instructions but work just OK without them.
Could that be possible in the mid/long future?

I hope someone can bring an interesting answer, and it would be even better if someone who knew first hand about this issue, even if not to bring a nice and comforting answer, just so we learn a little bit more about this stuff Smile

Thanks again for everything, and excuse me if I did any grammar or expression mistakes, English is not my 1st language.

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