Black screen + 0fps
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Perhaps there should be a clearer format on what to post where and how. Do you post the full log file on pastebin? Is that helpful? What do you do if the frame rate is == 0, but the the log still contains interesting errors, whatever that is, maybe unknown opcodes? (Some games still have these). Or if the game internal debug output is really verbose, in such a way that it explicitly states what failed (and what succeed) and how.

Sometimes there is random behavior, even with a clean start of the emulator. 9/10 times Disgaea 3 fails with "[E : RSXThread]: Write64 to null block: [00000000]: deadbeefabadcafe", but rarely, and at random, it loads much further, and instead fails at "[E : PPU[2] Thread (Callback)[0x00261348]]: Unknown/Illegal opcode! (0x0002641c : 0x0 : 0x0) #pc: 0x261348". Is it worth reporting such things in general?

Basically, what useful information is the development team looking for in a game report?

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