Disappearing game mystery
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05-25-2023, 06:29 AM -
This isn't really something that requires hard tech support, and I'm sure this issue isn't with RPCS3 itself, but maybe it can help me solve the mystery.

I have several games in my games list every time I started it up, and today I noticed one was missing.  For the life of me I can't figure out why.  When going to my games folder, it's missing from there too.  I've no memory record of ever having deleted it.  Recently I did however disconnect about 10 external harddrives (they archived movies), I don't see how that could possible be related but...  (could the rom have been on one of those drives and I just didn't realize it?)...

If a game/ROM were on an external hard drive and the drive was then disconnected, would it disappear from the game view in RPCS3?

Also, and the main question that brings me here, is there a way to see a past history of rom loads and directories?  I'm hoping to see if there some record of that rom being accessed, so help me find what drive it might have been on.  I found the save game data which proves I'm not crazy and I last played that game a month ago, but other than that there's nothing to help me pinpoint where the ROM was being accessed from.  Any where else I could look?

Thanks for any pointers

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