Cant launch RPCS3.exe from remote folder
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02-18-2023, 05:58 PM -
As of version 23-14046, when I try to launch RPCS3.exe from my server while on my desktop computer, I get the following error:

Verification failed
(in file c:\users\containeradministrator\appdata\local\temp\cirrus-ci-build\rpcs3\util\vm_native.cpp:524[:5], in fuction operator()) (error=0x32)

Thread id = 13300.

I have rpcs3 installed on my server so that I can launch it from multiple computers within my home and to keep settings/saves the same across all devices.  This worked fine up until version 23-14046 and no update since then has resolved the issue.  I'm currently using version 23-14045 with no issue.  I can also run all version, up to the current version without any issue if I have the exe file located locally on my computer.  Any help would be appreciated.

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