PlayStation Home - 1.86 [NPIA00010]
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10-14-2021, 12:26 AM -
Although not a game in the traditional sense, it WAS featured in a progress report video, so I think it deserves a status.  It doesn't have an ending, you can't complete it, but all aspects of it work as well as they do on console, so it technically meets the requirements of Playable.

Rendering is now equal to that of a real PS3 console, and has no issues if upscaled, FSR or Internal Resolution.  vblank can be increased to uncap FPS as well.  Crashes have been fixed as of recently.  Some scenes are performance-heavy and will reduce FPS, but not to the point where it's unplayable.  Needs a pretty good computer, but the new recommended requirements should be enough to reach its native 30 FPS.

Edit: disregard this, moderator claims it doesn't qualify for a status since it's not something you can dump and run without modifications.
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