Does Band Hero work without real GH guitar controller?
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07-06-2020, 09:17 PM -
Hi, i saw that there are options to emulate GH guitar in controlls settings but i also heard that it does not work with all GH games and im wondering if it works with Band Hero (same as GH but with more pop songs than rock and its from same devs that made GH and i think it uses engine similar to GH5)

I tried testing myself but my current laptop (nvidia 940mx 4gb vram and i3 6100 8GB ram) is not capable of running it, it just pushes my CPU to 100% and stays at loading screen forever and i cant even reach the menu, next month im gonna get gaming pc with 10900k 64gb ram and dual rtx 2080 ti in SLI that will probably allow me to finally run this game but in the meantime i would like to know if just emulating guitar in band hero works or to look for real controller if emulating the controller is not possible

I would really appriciate it if someone has the game and can test if it works without real controller

Thanks in advance Smile

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