jackm8Persona 5 - minor bug during certain animated movies
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04-20-2020, 03:03 PM -
Persona 5 (BLUS31605) (BLES02247)

I've been trying to troubleshoot this problem for a while. Tried on versions rpcs3-v0.0.9-10242, oldest rpcs3-v0.0.7-9250.

When graphical scaling is set above 100%, a narrow tear will appear in the middle of the screen during some movies. Intro movie is the first place that it appears. It does not happen during opening movie after starting new game. Here is sample of it:

I've played a lot with different settings and even different versions of the game. Took me long time to even found the cause of it. Only setting that I found to effect it is increasing "Resolution Scale Threshold" somewhere from 800x800 to 1024x1024. This will eliminate tear. It will also cause warped aspect ratio. This can be fixed by enabling "Stretch To Display Area", but it will causes weird graphical ghosting at certain places. Shibuya Underground Walkway and Mementos are most noticeable. It looks like this:

While at it. New vbank frequency 60fps options works well in P5. Baseball minigame that was unplayable with old 60fps hack/patch now works. I don't have savegame for the areas where old 60fps patch would prevent progress. Negative is that it also speeds up ui animations. It's quickens them on roughly 2x scale. It looks to depend on fps. The old patch did not do that.

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04-25-2020, 11:46 PM -
Eh, attachments aren't working. Will look for an alternative.

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04-26-2020, 01:04 AM -
Make sure you checked attachment limits on forum rules, they are working fine here and several people have uploaded attachments in the last days
However, you can always link through GDrive, Dropbox, MEGA, Mediafire, etc
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