(BCES00009/Linux) Ridge Racer 7 runs at 30-60FPS but audio is bad, how to fix?
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05-07-2019, 02:30 PM -
Hello guys,

New to the forum here, was interested in this PS3 emulator because I would like to play Ridge Racer 7 again.
It runs mostly fine, but I have a couple of issues with it.

#1: When you get to the new car scene, there is only black where the FMV is supposed to play.
#2: When I run any race (Grand Prix or arcade race, doesn't really matter) the sound and music is running and the game renders quite OK I must say, it runs between 30-60FPS but the audio quality is laggy and really bad, 
with BGM and also without BGM, the strange thing is, in the menu screen it runs perfectly with 60FPS constantly, audio here also works excellent except when selecting the BGM for each track, then the menu music dies briefly until you have selected your BGM and it resumes back.

Ryzen7 2700 3.2GHz 8core CPU
AMD Radeon RX580
Ubuntu 19.04 (yeah I'm running Linux, not a windows user anymore).

Any idea how to fix the sound issue?  Shy
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05-07-2019, 07:27 PM -
Missing log file as indicated on the Support Guidelines, I removed the console output flood
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