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RPCS3 Blog: Rewriting Vertex Processing for Massive Performance Gains

Improvements to absolute fps, but temporarily introduces lag when shaders are compiles as needed by the game. If you have bad increased first time stutter - try openGL and roll back to an older RPCS3 version if all else fails while the shader pipeline is replaced with new code. It will be improved soon.
Hi, maybe i am get it wrong, but woud it be possible to select amount of RAM/VRAM i have so it woud load whole level in loading screen if u had enough RAM/VRAM ?
..or it woud load random things not just from that level
..or it need to be in realtime ?

Anyway, thank you guys for that work.
[Image: CwrhKKk.png]
[Image: 35v3py-2.png]

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