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Tomb Raider [BLUS31036]
RPCS3 v0.0.2-3-c4066b9 Alpha
White screen only.
RPCS3 v0.0.3-3-f0358f8 Alpha - master build

Broken screen, broken graphic, broken lighting, broken saving, broken loading for the first time when compiling shaders (it will freeze).


.rar   RPCS3.rar (Size: 1.26 MB / Downloads: 4)
[Image: CwrhKKk.png]
[Image: 35v3py-2.png]

PC: Linux Debian 10.1 Bullseye , kernel 5.3.1 , Ryzen 2400G , 16gb , nvme 128gb
RPCS: llvm , llvm , Vulkan , limit 30 fps , openAl

Game: Tomb Raider BLUS31036
Gfx: OK
Sound: OK
RamUse: 7.3 gb

Status: InGame

Comment: Maybe black screen on menu but pressing X go to game (or a saved one)

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.7z   RPCS3.log.7z (Size: 261.4 KB / Downloads: 0)

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