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RE: Tetris - Runo - 06-17-2012

whoa. that's fast Big Grin

RE: Tetris - Ice Queen Z - 06-19-2012

At last, a forum to join in...

Come on guys, who say tetris aren't fun?

But 700 FPS is just too much...Tongue

RE: Tetris - saintseiya - 06-24-2012

awesome i wait that rpcs3 team will get more advances of this project, imposible is nothing.... hehe "addidas " ,
i love you guys Big Grin
thanks for this emu project ...is the hope of the emulation

question: there are encryptions codes in every ps3 demo game?¿?? and, what about of the dragon ball intro that you can see in youtube??

RE: Tetris - shin x - 06-24-2012

i got a psp game called tetris for ps3
it is the same tetris? i didnt try it on jpcsp i just saw it yesterday in my scattered disks:-)

RE: Tetris - soratheultima - 06-29-2012

i got 100-150 fps wish the XMB would work that would be cool haha

RE: Tetris - Mansy3700 - 07-17-2012

I cant run tetris
This is my specs
Intel core i5 2.4ghz
win 7 32bit
ati mobility 5470 2gb
ram 4gb
sorry for bad english

RE: Tetris - DK519 - 03-13-2013

Well, I am new to this forum,so plz be friendly with me. Where can I get this
homebrew?[/font] Huh

RE: Tetris - Ekaseo - 03-13-2013

download rpcs3 from https://code.google.com/p/rpcs3/ and there it is with the emu version ok r42 (i think)

RE: Tetris - realflow100 - 08-13-2015

Is this not available for download/testing?

RE: Tetris - tambre - 08-13-2015

(08-13-2015, 01:51 AM)realflow100 Wrote: Is this not available for download/testing?

What do you mean? The given homebrew should be included with the emulator on most downloads you find.