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Crashing when compiling PPU modules - ShekelLover - 06-18-2023

When I try launching any of my games, it reaches halfway when compiling PPU modules, and both the game and the application crashes. I'm unable to provide a log, because the application crashes as well (unless there's another type of log I can attach).
I did a reinstall of RPCS3 with no success. I have successfully run games before, specifically earlier this month. After about a week break I came back to my computer, updated RPCS3, installed game patches for the first time, and I could no longer run games. My drivers and windows are updated to the latest version.

Intel 13600K CPU
Windows 10 (latest version)

Thanks for any help.

RE: Crashing when compiling PPU modules - Ani - 06-21-2023

The log file is never deleted even if you crash, so you're always able to get it, follow the support guidelines