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Dead Nation + Road of Devastation - MachineCarl - 04-28-2023

Hello! Newbie here, but been a lurker of the RPCS3 community since the beggining. Big Grin

Seeing the progress it has been made on the emulator, I decided to jump ship this week and dump my PS3 collection so I could tinker with the emulator.

So far, everything has been good... except one game. Dead Nation. I enjoyed the everloving cr*p out of this game with my brother, especially the Road of Devastation DLC, which adds the Arcade and Infinite mode.

After dumping the contents of both the base game (NPEA00143) and DLC (NPEA00300), and installing the .RAP keys, I'm still having issues.

When I add both of my dumps into RPCS3, only the base game loads. Then, I found the .pkg of the DLC, and then it installs as a separate game, and when I try to run it, it gives me an error saying the game is corrupted.

How can I fix this? Any help is appreciated Smile

RE: Dead Nation + Road of Devastation - Ani - 04-30-2023

Missing log file

RE: Dead Nation + Road of Devastation - MachineCarl - 05-14-2023

Hello Ani, sorry for the late reply. Got busy on my end, and sorry for the lack of log file.

I managed to fix this issue. Had to install both files on the native \hdd0 folder on RPCS3 and after reinstalling the .RAP keys, it worked!!