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TSX with I7-7700K CPU - Dime333 - 02-09-2023

I'm using an I7-7700K CPU. When I first started using RPCS3 a few years back, I always had the TSX  option set to "enabled". Then after updating the emu one day, that option was not available to me anymore and I could only set it to"disabled" or "forced" When I check in CPU-Z, it says that it supports TSX. When reading the wiki about default settings, I found this about TSX: " Also needs to be forced if TSX-FA is detected." but when i set it to "forced" I get a popup saying that it could break games or damage data and that you recommend to set it to "disabled". So does this CPU support TSX or does it only support TSX-FA? And should I force it like it says in the wiki or disable it like it says in the popup?