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Guitar Hero Live controller issues (Linux) - April - 10-23-2022

(Fedora Linux 36, RPCS3 "0.0.24-14329-1a9e38a1 Alpha | master" with Evdev controller handler, using the PS3/WiiU GHL dongle (Gray sync button))

I'm trying to use my Guitar Hero Live controller, but having two issues:

The first issue is both sides of the Strumbar (up and down) are detected as one button/direction (LZ+):
[Image: hak055.png]
(They look like this in evtest:
[Image: 7wzpv2.png]
, 128 being neutral position, 0 being up, 255 being down)

which seems to be this, but the workaround doesn't work. (It changes nothing)

The second issue is that the Whammy bar is detected as the same axis as the Strumbar (LZ+) even though in evtest they are two separate axes:
[Image: 6ealzv.png]
[Image: dsssxk.png]
(ABS_Y is the Strumbar [0, 128, 255], ABS_RZ is the Whammy bar [128 to 255])

The controller works perfectly in Clone Hero, with the Strumbar being detected as two different directions:
[Image: 6a6wv0.png]
and the Whammy bar being detected as a separate axis from the Strumbar
[Image: svnhw6.png]
, so it seems like a problem with RPCS3 and not the controller/driver itself.