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Devil May Cry 4 (USA) random freezing. - Antares - 09-27-2022

Hello, I have been playing DMC4 on RPCS3 the other day just fine, completed 7 missions in one sitting and the game was running very smoothly with no frame drops or graphic tearing at all.
A day later I started the game again, only this time it started freezing suddenly at random times, and when it froze, the sounds play but I can't control the character at all, so I'm forced to exit, sometimes once the mission starts, sometimes the middle of whatever I'm doing while on my playthrough, but I tried several times with different setting to no avail(also, the music stops at times or never plays to begin with), I tested the dump and it's fine, set driver wake-up to 200 and even tested multiple firmware versions, but none of this worked,
I got a copy of the log that I will add as an attachment to this post.
Any help is appreciated.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650
Intel Core i3 12th Gen
Windows 10.

.gz   RPCS3.log.gz (Size: 825.83 KB / Downloads: 1)

RE: Devil May Cry 4 (USA) random freezing. - calex - 09-27-2022

I was actually having the same issue two days ago. Game kept freezing even in the very first stage. And after somehow finishing it, I ended up being stuck in the second stage for a whole day due to this bug.

Have you tried changing the PPU Decoder to the Interpreter (static) under CPU? Seemed to have fixed the issue on my end as I was able to play through all of Mission 2, 3 and at least till the boss fight of 4 without crashing in a single setting.

The downside of this setting is that the game now randomly drops to 30 FPS a lot of the times.