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Move to Windows - aPpYe - 09-01-2022

Heh ... Always wonderful when I come back a couple days later and no replies to a post. I guess I am on my own. I'll report back with results!


Hi there, I am wanting to move my installed games over from Linux to Windows, as it has better support for my controllers.  Is this going to be possible?

At first glance, it seems (hopefully) that I just need to move folder contents into their Windows equivalents, and perhaps rewrite file paths in a few .yml files.  

... If this is possible, perhaps someone would be so kind as to provide me some notes on what needs to be done to move my existing RPCS3 over to Windows intact.  Before diving in, I figured I'd ask here just in case someone has some experience with this.

Saved games are not super important, but it would be nice to keep those.  Custom configs would be nice too, but also not super important.  Mainly, I would like to not have to reinstall all of my games.

Currently, I have:
  • RPCS3 Version: 0.0.20-13283-fd6c3398 Alpha

... from back in February

Thank you for your time.

RE: Move to Windows - aPpYe - 09-03-2022

Okay! It seems I figured it out on my own. Pretty much just as I said. Some of the directory structure is a little different and I had to edit a few .yaml files. Everything ported over just fine.