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physical or digital? - joelloco_13 - 06-13-2021

which is better, to have a game in the emulator in physical format (a folder with the game) or in digital (a pkg) in terms of performance or loading speeds ?, in this case more specific between BCUS98232 and NPUA80918 (GOW Ascension) since I plan to change my version but I do not know if my decision is the best

RE: physical or digital? - yurinator557 - 06-13-2021

Normally there is no difference. Demon's Souls and White Knight Chronicles II are exceptions to this, since they won't boot properly on emulator. WKC2 was only released in Japan for like a week though, so that one isn't much of a problem. If you have the disc version, use that. If you have the PSN version, use that. If you have both, use whichever takes less time to dump.

RE: physical or digital? - Ani - 06-13-2021

As a collector, I always prefer physical games. There's the disadvantage of those usually installing themselves to the emulator's virtual HDD but I'd rather have physical games instead of digital. Physical games are also easier to dump and mostly easier to find as digitals are either available or PSN or they're not. As for compatibility, it tends to be the same.

RE: physical or digital? - hawaiiandude - 06-16-2021

I used to be all about physical copies (and still am but to an extent) but, once I started transitioning from console to PC, I somewhat seemed to be ok with not having every cover of the games I play. I cannot say that I am 100% onboard with digital only but I can see how someone wouldn't mind it.