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How many Ryzen cores are too many? - RocketMan247 - 02-06-2021

Hello! I hope this is in the right forum. I have a PC I built primarily for emulation. I had a Ryzen 2700 and 16GB of RAM that I sold to my brother hoping to get an upgrade. (This was before the Great PC Parts Shortage Sad ). The last round of processors have been upgraded to Zen 3 which seems to give RPCS3 a huge boost. My question is how many cores can RPCS3 effectively use? I have my eye on a 16 core 5950x (with 72MB cache) when they become available again but I'm not sure the extra cores would be effective. The 12 core would be a couple hundred dollars cheaper.

My build:
Aorus X5701 Pro Wifi motherboard
Sparkle Power 500W power supply
PNY 1660 Super graphics card
32GB Corsair Vengeance 3200 memory
Windows Pro 10 64 bit
1 TB m.2 drive
2 TB Western Digital Sata drive
PS3 compatible Blu-Ray drive

RE: How many Ryzen cores are too many? - Ani - 02-07-2021

The 5800X is enough.
5950X is better than 5900X because it's 8+8 instead of 6+6, but 5900X is also enough.