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Akiba's Trip Problems - AnimeKing18 - 09-02-2020

i ripped my akiba's trip from my ps3 before i jailbroken my ps3 (all the game i got on my ps3 i own legitimately) i got it from the ps store. after i got it running on my pc it ran good i made it to mogra and saved and quit the game. i went back and updated the emulator and now i can't get the game to run passed akiba's station i even started a new save and it freezes when i enter akiba's station i can't make it passed the beginning any more i play this on my ps3 and ps4 but i like to see it run on my pc also (i own it on pc also but it crashes alot) all my other games that say is playable on the compatabily section of rpcs3 web site run great but this game is it the game or what it crashes on ps3 also but not as much