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Any way to modify the internal clock? - chaosblade02 - 06-24-2020

There are some games that use the internal system clock, and you can kinda cheat by changing the clock forward a day, etc.  But I don't see any options for doing this.  At first, I assumed the emulator used your PCs time/date settings, but I already tried this and it didn't work.  I even got desperate and tried using cheat engine 7.0 to try and find the value for the timer, and was unsuccessful at doing so.  I tried big endian 2 byte, 4 byte, and float.  Scanned for unknown initial value, and then changed value every couple secs.  Even tried narrowing the memory scan regions.  Maybe one of you here is better at this than I am, and can give me instructions on how to modify the clock (with or without cheat engine).  Maybe I'm using the wrong scanning types?  I know for modifying values in games, I have to use big endian, or they don't work, so I assumed that was the case for the emulator itself as well.

RE: Any way to modify the internal clock? - Ani - 06-24-2020

You can, but you need to close the emulator, change time, then reopen the emulator. RPCS3 internal timezone is Moscow.