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MGS2 HD performance around water - ps3gamer - 03-30-2020

This first part doesn't relate to my question: I backed my ps3 MGS HD collection disc 2 using ps3 disc dumper. I'm not sure if more Bluray drives are being added to the website but it worked with my Pioneer drive BDC-207DBK. I don't see any Pioneer drives listed so it might be good to have one as the newer models might also work.

Right now I've been playing the backup on my PS3 but I was interested in testing it in rpcs3. I just finished MGS2 and I'm going to start MGS3 either on ps3 or rpcs3.

I loaded up the backup into rpcs3 and started a new game in MGS2 at the Plant.
It runs 60 fps, but if I go to the water (in the very start area) it drops down to 40-50 fps. My CPU is running at 65% and my GPU was running the most at 29% within the Windows 10 task manager. Setting rpcs3 to realtime or high priority did not improve performance. Does this reflect how the game runs around water on an actual PS3 or is something in my system causing this to not run at 60 fps?

My specs:
Ryzen 2600
GTX 970
2x8GB DDR4
Windows 10
RPCS3 0.09-10071-1510505b Alpha
I think everything is default except I put SPU block size to Mega.