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Audio issues. - NexusModel - 12-19-2019


First off congrats to the team for doing all you have done already with rpcs3!

I am new here,  I have it all working my issue is a crackling issue i think in dynasty warriors 8 Empires (runs fine other than that) This is only a issue however when im actually fighting enemies, instead of hearing them die and/or any other noises while im swinging and hitting people i hear it crackle and stutter basically.  I can also tell it is sorta going ot happen as i for example approach a enemy base it begins, when in the midst it really hits.

How do i solve this??
My specs are:
I7 7700 CPU
GTX 1050
16gb ram

I have a samsung odyssey. model i thikn is nm800g5m-x01(US) if that helps..

I played with settings a bit but not to sure where it may lie so if this can be fixed id love to know how! graphics and such are great..

RE: Audio issues. - Ani - 12-20-2019

You don't have an i7-7700, you have an i7-7700HQ. It's normal to have that kind of performance issues on these mobile chips, probably SPU threads struggling. Check CPU usage and SPU usage through the performance overlay.

RE: Audio issues. - Ad9 - 01-06-2020

Sometime you need to set those thread number half as your computer