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demons souls [BLUS30443] (Black Screen) - lizerdboy - 12-02-2019

the game after loading screen turn black I can see the hud only and there is sound. 

this problem is only on demons souls im playing silent hill downpour and its working 100%

im using RPCS3 0.0.7-9186-5b9df53c Alpha

this is my specs 

cpu i7-9750h 
gpu gtx 1660 ti 
16gb ram
windows 10

the attachments is broken I tried to add the RPCS3 log but nothing happend

RE: demons souls [BLUS30443] (Black Screen) - Ani - 12-03-2019

Missing Write Color Buffer as indicated on the wiki page for that game

RE: demons souls [BLUS30443] (Black Screen) - lizerdboy - 12-05-2019

Write Color Buffer is on, the same thing black screen.
I follow the wiki and couple of guide and the game still doesn't works

its work now this is what I did
Write Color Buffers: true
Write Depth Buffer: true
Read Color Buffers: treu
Read Depth Buffer: true
on the costum confing

now I have another problem the game close full screen for no reason and go to windowed

RE: demons souls [BLUS30443] (Black Screen) - Ani - 12-05-2019

Don't mess with settings that you don't know what they do

Need a RPCS3.log file as indicated in the guidelines to know what's wrong

RE: demons souls [BLUS30443] (Black Screen) - lizerdboy - 12-05-2019

I fixed its works 100%

last time I wrote treu I changed to true now its work 100%