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Hello Friends! - Adeno - 11-23-2019

Hello! Just like a lot of people here, I'm also a fellow gamer. My first encounter with the world of emulation was back in the 90s during the more... "innocent" time of the internet. A time when you discovered websites via magazines like GamePRO or EGM, you got shareware games from the cds that came with the magazines, and even non-gaming magazines (such as security magazines) included cds that contained text based games for the sake of having them! I remember the old NES and SNES emulators, I think it was called ZSNES. At the time, I was amazed how suddenly, my computer can run the same games as my real life SNES! Then of course there's PCSX I think, the PS1 emulator! It had a CD boot function if I remember correctly and it was a strange thing to put a PS1 disc into a computer at the time lol!

Anyway I love boxing, so that's the type of game I'm testing on RPCS3. Fight Night Champion is an awesome boxing game, much better than the old Hajime No Ippo boxing games on the PS2 which at the time, were considered the closest to a boxing simulation game you can get. I hope FNC stops having those MEM Access Violation errors on the emulator. Anyway, boxing is fun!